Patient Success Stories

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Matt M. | Concussion and foot injury

"I’m a high school football player and I’ve gone to Dignity Health PT for two different injuries – first for a concussion, and then for a foot injury. My therapist spent a lot of time with me. I actually looked forward to my visits because of the way they treated me. I will never go anywhere else; Dignity Health Physical Therapy does it the right way!"


Diane N. | Hand injury

"I had carpal tunnel surgery and could not use my right hand or elbow without experiencing pain or weakness. Through occupational therapy and hand therapy with Dignity Health Physical Therapy, my hand and arm strength have improved. My therapist really takes care of her patients and helped me reach my goals."


Chase S. | WorkStrategies®

"I’ve been coming to Dignity Health Physical Therapy (formerly Select PT) for about eight months. I was injured at work and this place worked with me to get me back to having a life I can enjoy. It was hard work. They encouraged me with a “let’s do this” energetic attitude, but they also had a 'let’s take it easy' mentality to keep me from pushing too hard as I recovered. If you want the most out of your therapy, this is the place."


Kaelyn M. | Physical therapy

"Since coming to Dignity Health Physical Therapy I've been able to get back to a normal lifestyle. My pain has been so significantly reduced it's going to be hard to stop coming. They've walked me through two surgeries, both of which would've kept me down much longer than if I had tried to handle on my own. You can come in for your appointment and know they remember you and your progress. It makes the whole experience feel more personal and like complete care. I couldn't recommend it more."


Patti F. | Physical therapy

"On three separate occasions, I needed physical therapy and had success each time. Dignity Health Physical Therapy has a friendly atmosphere and makes everyone as comfortable as possible. They work with you in the office and also teach you how to keep your success going in daily life. It’s a pleasure to receive care at Dignity Health Physical Therapy when you know all the team members are there to make sure you receive the most outstanding care possible."


Leslie H. | Hand injury

"Over the past two years I’ve had two wrist surgeries that required post-operative physical therapy. I went to Dignity Health Physical Therapy to see a certified hand therapist because they have an in-depth knowledge of the hand and wrist. My therapist pushed me to get the most out of my sessions. Now I can do things that I couldn’t do before!"

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