Bob's Success Story

When Bob injured his hamstring, he could no longer pursue his passion, running. In fact, he could barely walk. His orthopedic surgeon prescribed therapy, but also warned that he was facing surgery. Bob chose Dignity Health Physical Therapy, specifically Physical Therapist Beau Gronert at our Horizon Ridge center, and was shocked by the incredible results and experience. Not only is he racing again, he is competing in triathlons and placing.

Bob, a Dignity Health Physical Therapy patient, poses for a photo with his bicep flexed after he won his running race.

Bob said, "After a thorough and detailed assessment, Beau went to work on my hamstring in what I thought was an unconventional course of treatment. Beau didn’t only work on my hamstring; he worked on the musculature of my core, my hips, my glutes and other supportive muscles, and he even corrected my posture. Then, after strengthening my core and my hamstring’s supportive structure, and after he had gotten my pain to subside, Beau assessed my running stride. He completely de-constructed my stride, helped me to unlearn my previous injury-inducing running style, and taught me – from scratch – how to run.

Since early this year when Beau healed my hamstring and corrected my stride, I’ve completed seven triathlons, including three Ironman 70.3 races, each of which included a 13.1 mile half marathon. I reached the podium in four of these races. Beau not only made me able to run again when I could barely walk, but he also literally put me on the podium. I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am. Beau is an intuitive healer, a master teacher, and an absolute genius. I struggled with my hamstring for seven years until I couldn't run anymore, and Beau healed it.

For the record, Beau isn’t the only outstanding therapist you have. Maryann Schomig and Brittany Roberts rehabbed my arm after surgery on a torn tendon, and got me to the point where I could swim again. You have accumulated quite an all-star lineup in your staff. Maryann and Brittany are the reasons I returned to your facility for my hamstring. And your front desk staff is always courteous and professional. Whatever you are doing to build and foster this level of expertise and excellence, my hat’s off to you."

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