Advanced Techniques and Treatment Strategies

The right tools and experience to help reach your goals

Combining expert care, evidence-informed practice and advanced technologies, Dignity Health Physical Therapy’s physical and occupational therapists help you achieve your best outcome. Every patient responds differently to treatment. Whether you’re recovering movement following an injury, improving range of motion after surgery or enhancing athletic performance, our team is committed to identifying the right therapist and care plan for your diagnosis and overall goals.

Your treatment may consist of manual therapy and exercises designed to help meet your goals. At Dignity Health Physical Therapy, we also offer advanced techniques and treatment strategies that our therapists may utilize in your care.

  • Dry Needling – This treatment uses a dry needle to deactivate trigger points in  your muscles and alleviate pain
  • Cupping – A manual therapy technique to treat muscles and soft tissues by using silicon cups that apply a suction type pressure to improve blood flow and oxygen circulation
  • IASTM – Similar to a massage, physical therapists use specialized instruments that allow more direct treatment of the soft tissues
  • Personalized Blood Flow Restriction – Increase strength with low intensity exercise and place less stress on your joints with this personalized training method

Learn How Specialty Services at Dignity Health Physical Therapy Can Help You